For Children and Teens

Our clubs are an opportunity for children and teens to challenge and develop their creative and practical skills. The sessions are held in small groups – usually 8, sometimes 4 (for dressmaking in particular) and occasionally slightly larger.

The emphasis is on making something which the children want – as long as it fits within in the parameters of the class and can be made with a realistic development of the child’s skills then we will find a way to create it. As a result the children learn how to design, construct and have a lovely object to show at the end.

Creating in a group of people has been a part of human existence for millennia and there is a great deal of evidence to show that the sort of experience we have in our Stitch and Sketch clubs assists with good mental health. It also supports many aspects of formal learning.

If you are interested in joining one of our clubs or are interested in setting up a day-time session for a home educated group of children (we run 2 a week usually, but have capacity for more) then email Sam —