One pattern, many different purses

For the first sessions of the school year, we usually start with a project which everyone can interpret. Its not compulsory and everyone is able to interpret it as they wish. This gives everyone the chance to get their creative thoughts started. This year I picked a very simple felt purse shape and created a fox sample (as foxes are very popular in our house at the moment). The idea was to create a face which could have a button nose which would act as the closure. Of course there were very few which followed my original thoughts – which is my favourite part of this job – so many wonderful ideas and talented children !


If you would like to give it a go, download the pattern here. I have included some very brief instructions for how to create your own purse here. Let me know if you would like more details.

PursePattern. Cut out along the outline and fold at the dashed lines.
PurseDrawing-copyDraw your face (or other design) on the paper, so that you can get your thoughts together.

You may have to create a pattern for ears, a trunk or any extra features your creation will need. Use the scrap paper you have cut from the template and draw and cut them so that you can test that they fit.

Then open up the paper template and pin it to the felt. Also pin the ears (trunk, etc) onto some felt and cut them out.

Use buttons, beads, sequins, thread to create your design. Tip: Leave the ears and the ‘nose’ button which will keep the pouch closed until you have stitched the sides together to make sure that it lines up.

Once the design is stitched on fold the felt to form the purse and stitch the sides together. Most of these purses used blanket stitch, but a running stitch will also do.

Stitch the ears at the top fold using an over stitch.

Then sew on the button you will use to keep the purse closed. You can also use a popper (press stud) or velcro if you prefer. Make sure when you cut the slit for the button hole that you keep it much smaller than the button as felt will stretch.

Let us see any purses you create.